The Ah-Ha Moment – Will you attend the OCEAN IBM i User Group Tech Conference on July, 2018 at National University in Costa Mesa?

The IBM i Community in Southern California has always been a tightly knit community, with many who have grown up with the IBM System 3, 34/36/38 then AS400, iSeries and now IBM i the most powerful and versatile computer on the Blue Planet. While the IBM i has advanced by leaps and bounds, the skills of IT Professionals has lagged for many (not all) and the lack of new breed skills is hurting everyone, companies as well as the IBM i – IT People who could become more valuable. I say it every year and and I will say it again, this event is the Best Educational Value for IT people in the IBM i arena. Not only will you learn something new (I guarantee it), but you will return to your job motivated, inspired, more informed on new tools, methods, approaches, resources, able to better sell the ROI on new methods, better to mentor the others at your company.

This years Conference will be headlined by both familiar and unfamiliar names, but trailblazers in the IBM i Community.  Sessions on RPG, RDI, SQL, Python, Ruby, PHP, New DB2 features, Systems Management, Security, Performance, Mobile, OO on PHP, Javascript, Cloud and more!  Tools that are critical today for IBM i users.

There is no excuse to miss this once a year event. It’s very affordable to attend, very costly to miss. Yes we do get attendees who fly in (SNA John Wayne Airport – approx. 2 miles from venue) for this two day event. Get the word out and make this the biggest IBM i Southern California Reunion of the “real” IBM i Pros.