Trends to take notice of for Information Systems for companies and IT professionals

  • Warning! –  Many companies are realizing that their reliable IBM i Power Systems are running very old outdated RPG II code and this lacks the ability to easily modernize and use current “best practice” development tools.  Yes it has run reliaibly for years, but the people who originally wrote the code have retired long ago. Case after case, we find companies where rather than re-write and modernize old code, it was more convenient to just leave it.  Some of IBM’s customers are light-years ahead because they continually updated their programs to RPG Free Form, a modern version of RPG that any young programmer without RPG could quickly learn and be productive. Our Audit service can quickly give you and idea of the extent of “old code” and a plan to update and remedy the risk of old code.
  • Customers and users want data that can be accessed via mobile, cloud based in more useful in terms of analytics.
  • RPG programming will be around for another 20 years, but front end and middleware tools will become more important.  Web Services, PHP, Python, .Net, SQL, C, C#, C++, Ruby along with things like XML, JSON, JQuery, AngularJS, Javascript, HTML5, etc.
  • More companies are finally modernizing their RPG programs to RPG Free and taking advantage of “open-source” tools to bring greater value to customers.
  • As more RPG Programmers retire, companies are getting concerned as to who will support their systems, where will they find the talent. Solutions include hiring recent grads who know the new technologies and teach them the RPG Free Form, bring in a contractor, part-time or full-time. 
  • Companies that fail to modernize their systems to current technologies like RPG Free Form and SQL will find that they are losing their long term investment in their IBM i/RPG systems and strapped with the costly burden of re-writing all systems (outsourcing the project), moving to an expensive solution on another platform, or being acquired and the IBM i Systems scrapped.  Your multi-million dollar investment can integrate with all of the modern technologies if you spend from $75,000 to $100,000  to modernize your legacy code. It’s easy and we have done it.
  • Another reason to modernize:  If your programs are written in RPG Free, you can easily hire a entry-level, or Jr Developer with Java or C, or .Net, and PHP, and cross train them in RPG Free and all that goes with it on the IBM i.  This will also help your Sr. RPG developers learn more about how and where to use some of the “Open” tool that are out there. The cost is extremely low and the benefits are huge. 
  • Developers need to show their versatility by learning and applying or blending new technologies like mobile, Web Services, cloud, security, Linux, Open Source solutions.

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