Experienced Programming Professionals by the day, week, month, or project.

When your staff is unable to stretch further to meet critical IT needs it is usually cost effective to augment your existing staff in order to implement a critical cost saving system, attend to an unusual need, bring in someone with a unique skill set to reduce or eliminate a learning curve or temporarily fill in for someone on an extended leave.

With our depth of highly experienced contract developers/programmers, we have the resources to find the right talent to fit your need.  We have assisted clients who’s needs have varied form someone on call/as needed, remote support, on-site support, one day a week to 5 days a week. 

We can assist with committed contract consultants to contract-to-hire where you have the option to convert our contractors to an employee.

We can bring in a contract consultant to focus on implementing a one-time critical project which can be completed in 1 or two months where it might take your staff a year or more to just learn the technology and they don’t have the time to take away from their daily workload.  That’s when its time to bring in a contract consultant.

Want to bring all of your systems up to date to take advantage of the speed of the IBM i and the ability to easily interface with web services, Open Source solutions, mobile, interface with GUI front-end tools like PHP, Ruby, etc.?  We have the resources to update and modernize your code without having to be on-site and no interruptions to your daily production.  Let us do a small project to prove our value.

You don’t need to be concerned about health insurance, taxes, and all that goes with adding someone on the payroll.  Our typical contract consultants working 30 hours a week are usually more productive than an employee working 40 hours a week and when you consider benefits, payroll taxes, vacations, etc., the consultant approach cost no more than an employee and may actually save you money.

We love unique projects and showing our value.

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